Matt Crowder

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Creating a node script that can write to google docs

Using oauth2, this shows how you can use nodejs to write to a google doc programmatically

Date: 10/07/2019

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I've been using cat and vim for the wrong reasons for so long...

A quick explanation on how to use pbcopy and paste

Date: 04/28/2019

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How to disable in browser linter errors in an ejected create-react-app application

How to disable in browser linter errors in an ejected create-react-app application

Date: 04/07/2019

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Configuring your mac to display the wifi name on the menu bar

Utilizing an application called hammerspoon, we write a lua script which displays the name of your wifi network.

Date: 04/13/2019

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Writing a custom react hook that persists to local storage

How to write a custom hook that persists to local storage

Date: 04/04/2019

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What's the difference between an action creator and a action?

This explains the difference between actions and action creators.

Date: 04/04/2019

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What happens when you only write try/finally

Without cheating, what is the output?

Date: 04/01/2019

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JavaScript object spread explained

The easiest way to understand javascript object spread

Date: 04/01/2019

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How to test implementation details with react-testing-library

In the slim chance that you need to test implementation details of a react component, this is how you do it with react-testing-library

Date: 03/31/2019

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You've been doing mapDispatchToProps wrong this entire time

mapDispatchToProps should be an object and not a function.

Date: 03/30/2019

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How to center elements vertically on a create-react-app project

You've just started a new react project with CRA, but you can't get your elements to be centered directly on your page, now what?

Date: 03/29/2019

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